Aroma Cars Like It Can Eliminate Dizziness Symptoms, Jakarta – Not a few drivers or passengers feel nauseous when traveling by private car muapun public transportation.

In addition to health conditions, nausea in the car can be caused by some fakor, ranging from the path that is passed uneven so that the body shaken, the car used less qualified, even just because the stomach is too full or otherwise, empty stomach.

Apparently, one powerful way to reduce nausea during in the car, can be caused by the scent of the right fragrance.

Therefore, the fragrance of vehicle fragrance was very influential on the psychic condition of the rider. The sense of smell has a close relationship with human nerves and blood circulation.

Daihatsu official website gives tips to make no mistake select a car perfume. One of them, select the scents that can be soothing, so the problem will be slightly lost and stay focused in driving.

And here are three scents that are believed to relieve dizziness:

Lemon and Tea
In addition, another recommended aroma to accompany you while driving is lemon and tea perfume. Both can stimulate the mind to be more calm and fresh.

If you remember, tea bags can be used to remove eye bags, right?

So it can not be surprising that this aroma can also keep a sense of drowsiness. In addition, this fragrance is believed to reduce heart beats too fast.

Wood and Peppermint Alloys
Like drinks, cinnamon and peppermint will provide a calming effect and help concentrate. Cinnamon can stimulate focus and concentration.

While peppermint makes the atmosphere more fresh and natural. Very powerful to avoid emotions, anger, and stress.

Coffee aroma
If you feel your car smells and smells a variety of scents, maybe one way to get rid of it is putting coffee powder in the car.

In addition to eliminating odors, coffee also emits a soothing aroma.

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