Using National Brand Household Cleaners Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Using National Brand Household Cleaners Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

A recent study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM) stated in their conclusion “Women cleaning at home or working as occupational cleaners had accelerated decline in lung function, suggesting that exposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health.”

The study details:

  • 20-year longitudinal study
  • over 6000 participants – male and female
  • average age at start – 34 years old at conclusion 54 years old
  • use of spray and liquid home cleaning products were monitored
  • lung capacity was monitored regularly
  • 28 researchers from 9 countries compiled the results
  • peer reviewed in the AJRCC

  1. Weekly use of home cleaning products is as damaging to your lung health as if you were smoking a pack of cigarette per day. Women cleaning their home once a week over a 20 year period with typical household cleaning products that use bleach, ammonia, or phosphates to clean or disinfect was as if they had smoked 20 cigarettes per day for the same amount of time.
  2. Women are affected more than men. This is concerning as women are more likely to use the cleaning products than men.
  3. Using cleaning products at home is just as harmful as being a professional house cleaner. The study indicated that using household cleaners in the home was just as detrimental to lung health as being a professional cleaner. This may be due to the home environment being more relaxed and casual in the use of toxic chemicals.
  4.  Liquid cleaners are as dangerous as spray cleaners. The study found no significant difference between the use of liquid cleaners verses spray cleaners.
  5. Dangerous chemicals including ammonia, chlorine bleach, and quaternary disinfecting compounds appear to be the culprits. How to tell if your cleaning products contain any of these items. Check the ingredients label to see if it list ammonium hydroxidesodium hypochlorite, or dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.
  6. Women who regular use cleaning products have an increased rate of asthma. Roxann Nelson’s article “Common cleaning products can trigger asthma symptoms” reporting for Reuters in 2015 wrote “Products such as bleach, glass cleaner, detergents and air fresheners exacerbated asthma-related symptoms for the women, and their reduced lung function lasted until the morning after exposure, in some cases getting worse with time.”
  7. Lung damage is cumulative over time. The researchers wrote ” Exposure to cleaning chemicals could result in accelerated lung function decline and chronic airway obstruction; low-grade inflammation over many years could possibly lea to persistent damage to airways”

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Ways to Choose the Best Drain Repair Services

Does your drain need some repair? If your drain system is messy and requires immediate attention, you might be in a hurry to get it looked at and fixed. This might result to choosing the wrong drain repair company for your needs. It is very essential to make sure that you choose the best drain repair services to get proper services. Getting the best drain repair company is never an easy task therefore it is crucial to ensure that you have chosen the best service provider before emergencies arise. Here are some few tips that can make you choose the best drain repair company for your services.

First and foremost important tip worth considering is the reputation of a particular company. The reputation of a drain company will tell you about the services that they actually offer. A drain company should have a solid reputation in offering its services. A well reputed drain cleaning company is best to choose because you can be certain that you will be able to receive incredible services from this particular company. A well reputed company will ensure that its clients have gotten better services so that they can go back to them when such emergencies arise. As a client therefore reputation of a particular service provider should be on your list of priorities.

Secondly, you should consider guarantee of proper services and the pricing. Receiving your services from a professional drain repair company is not cheaper. Nonetheless, this should not be enough reason to make you get cheaper services. As a client you should pick drain repair services that pledge incredible services at an affordable fee. Pricing is also vital considering as you would not want to select a company that you cannot afford its services. Impeachable services and affordable charges should be your second consideration.

On to the third tip you should do some research and check on customer’s reviews. As part of research you can ask for recommendations from friends, family members and neighbors who have had the opportunity of getting these services. You can also opt to visit a company’s website and from here you can be able to views customers feedback regarding certain services. Visiting a company’s page you can be able to tell the quality of services they offer. The service provider that has a positive feedback is worth considering as you can be certain of getting incredible services.

Lastly, you need to know what technology a particular services provider uses. The drain repair service provider you are considering should be using modern equipment and techniques in making sure that you get incredible services. A drain repair company that uses modern techniques is worth considering.

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Important Points To Have In Mind When Choosing A Math Tutor

It is important to have a math tutor when you have a kid who failed in their math test. The child will be able to store some of the things during the holiday and that will help it stick in their minds. The math tutor should be one who has a focus as that will cause an impact by the end of the day.

There are lot of math tutors and in that case then you need to take your time so that you get the right one. Make sure you share what you have in mind with the people closer to you as they might have one that they would direct to you. Make the internet your friend as it always have the answers to what you are looking for. Below are important points that you should have in mind when looking for a math tutor.

Choose a math tutor who has worked for more than five years in that field. They should have undergone a training as that is something that will give then a clue of how they should go about. They should also have many years of experience as that is something that will help them be able to know how to deal with children. That is something that you will have to check at their documents just to be sure about what they are saying.

The math tutor should be one who is located around the area you are staying. That will make things easier because the tutor or the child will not have to travel for a long distance. That will improve on communication because you will get that you will be able to meet from time to time.

Choose a math tutor that has a good reputation around the area. Their past clients will have nothing to hide from you as they would not want you to undergo a bad experience like the way they did in their time if that was the case. Make sure you look at their comment section as you will be able to see what other people have to say about them.

The math tutor should be one who can be trusted and have a good connection with children. That will make the child understand the things they are been taught by the end of the day. Choose a math tutor that will always be available as that is someone that you would want to always work with.

Consider choosing a math tutor that makes an impact in a child’s life in a positive way and be able to charge you averagely. Therefore you will have to compare different of them until you come across the one that you will be able to afford. That is something that will guide you all through.

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Finding Ways To Keep Up With Landscaping

Landscape Construction and Services

There are landscapes out there that are really beautiful and if you would really like to have these kinds of landscapes as well, you should really start looking for some help or you can also do them on your own if you know how to do these things. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for help because they really want a better landscape and there are a lot of services out there that you can get. In this article, we are going to be talking to you about landscaping services out there that you can go and hire and when you hire these services, you can really get the most out of them. If you would like to know what these landscaping services can do for you, just stick around as we are going to be talking to you about these things now so without further due, let us begin.

Landscaping services are really great to hire because they are really professional at what they do and when you hire a professional, you can really be sure that they are going to give you the best of the best landscapes out there. If you are someone who really wants to have those landscapes that are well designed and well constructed, you can always just go to these landscaping professionals and they will really do things for you that you are really going to appreciate. Landscaping projects can be tough and if you are not sure how you can do them well, you should just go to those professionals out there and ask for their help and they are really going to help you so much. You can find a lot of those landscaping services out there and when you find them, they are really going to do a lot for you.

If you would like to create a landscape that is really beautiful, you might want to get some tools that can help you with these things and if you do not have these tools, you should really get some before you even start your work because it will not be as great without these tools with you. You might not have these tools and if you do not have them, you might have to go and buy them which can cost you time and money and you might not know which one is the right tools. Get these landscaping services today and you will never regret it. If you are that person who knows how to do some landscaping work but you really need some help, there are also landscaping services that can help you with good advice on how to do landscaping right. We hope that after reading this article, that you will really see to it that you go and start looking for a good landscaping service.

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More Information on Tarot Cards

Reading of the tattoo cards has been quite beneficial to the various individuals since they help them to be aware of what to expect in future. Within the tarot deck there are usually seventy-eight cards with each card having a single symbol and representing a separate account. The seventy-eight cards within the deck are divided into with the first one being the major arcane which represents the various spiritual aspects in a person’s life. The other fifty-six cards within the deck are the tarot court cards which are used in the representing the various characteristics which we may choose to display at a given time.

One of the moments when the tarot cards are usually useful is the period when one wants to improve the profession and prepare a business. By having the capability of accessing the inner wisdom and the intuition one can be able to read the tarot cards well. Through the use of the intimate knowledge and the intuition one can be able to create the various positive changes which will help one be able to achieve the goals. There are multiple benefits that one gets to enjoy by using the tarot cards. This article presents essential information on the many gains that one gets by being able to read the tarot cards.

When one decides reading the tarot cards the early gains that one gets is that of knowing the truth. In most cases the various individuals who have been found to be reading the tarot have proofed that the tarot never lies. Therefore when one is looking forward towards getting an answer to a burning question that one might be having one should consider referring to the tarot cards. When one decides reading the tarot cards the other gain that one gets is that of getting to know about the various essential aspects of an individual life that one might not be aware of.

A large number of the tarot cards make it possible for one to be able to know lathe amount of facts that one might not be aware. When one is faced with a problem that one is not aware of what to do one can refer to the tarot cards for the solutions. When one decides reading the tarot cards the third gains that one gets is that if being able to release tension and find peace. The tarot cards helps one to be able to understand the way in which one will handle and deal with the various stressful situations.

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Interesting Research on Locations – What You Didn’t Know

Benefits of Getting a Historic Site as a Venue for Your Large Events

It is possible to get locations that were used for different activities in the past, but are now free to host events of several types. It is possible to derive a lot of benefits from using such a venue for your events. Some of the events you can hold in such places include weddings, private the allows, and corporate events. Some advantages that you can gain from using such a venue for your large events are those provided here.

You can enjoy beautiful views in such a place where you hold your large event. It is possible to enjoy beautiful sceneries of structures that were created for various activities in the past and enjoy a different environment when you have your event in such a location. Such views can increase the enjoyment that you derive from the events that you hold since the experience is different from what may be encountered in an ordinary venue. People who attend your event are also likely to enjoy the view, and they can also learn a whole lot about the history of the place by attending your event.

A historic site is an iconic venue for your event. This aspect improves the experience of the event since it gives it a perception of being better than an event that will be held in another place. You can have an easier time planning for your event regarding invitations and attendance to your event since the iconic location is likely to be recognized by many people.

You can achieve satisfaction regarding enough space available for your event. You are likely to find a venue that is large enough to host a large number of people, as well as enough parking and space outside the building which can be used to facilitate your event. This aspect is helpful in ensuring that your event is facilitated in the best way possible since there is adequate space for everyone and for every activity that you need.

You can gain the benefit of additional services that can be availed for your event by the hosting venue. Some of these additional services include food services, public address systems, and other amenities that can make your experience in that place better. Such services can be helpful in ensuring that you enjoy yourself to the maximum from the services offered, and these at higher levels of convenience.

Find some venues San Francisco that you can consider for your events.

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Factors to Deem When Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider for Dentist

The marketing service is very imperative in every business for services, this is because it helps you to get into contact with your target potential customers who are not aware of your existence. You need to attract more client in your clinic as a dentist and this is possible when you conduct and hire marketing services thus the people with oral cavity problem will know your existence. When you perform marketing of your dental services, you will be able to get a new client and to retain them you ought to offer the best services, this client will be loyal to you can refer their friends to you. Digital marketing is one of the best tool and strategy that you can use in your dental clinic, you need to hire the best expert SEO service provider to increase the visibility of your website thus more visitors. It is important to hire the best website marketing service provider, this will lead to reliable and quality services thus more visibility of dental clinic website hence more viewers who will come to the service. You need to hire the best web marketing service agency for a dentist, this is challenging since not all will deliver quality and reliable services, you need to hire the best for the best marketing services. There are tips on how to choose to choose the best website marketing agency for dentist services this includes.

One of the essential factors to deem is the skills and experience of the expert. Skill and experience are essential to consider from the expert offering the dentist marketing services, this will give you the assurance of the best services thus attract more customers. You need to ensure that you hire the best agency for dentist services marketing thus has the best service provider who has the exposure and experience thus there will be reliable services.

There is the factor of a budget to deem. You need to have an idea of the cost of expenses that you will incur when hiring the best agency for dentist marketing hence enquire on the cost and make the comparison, hire the most affordable with reliable services.

A review of the marketing agency is also imperative to check. You need to ensure that you hire the best agency that has the best positive reviews of reliable marketing services on the website; this will assure you best service delivery.

Moreover, a reputation of the marketing agency is also an essential tip to check. A reputable agency for marketing dentist offer the best services to their clients and they ensure sure the website is visible hence more visitors who are the potential clients and patient.

Options – Getting Started & Next Steps

Options – Getting Started & Next Steps

The Ultimate Guide to Supplies

Guidelines To Help You Through The Process Of Buying Pet Supplies

It is where you have aspirations to buy or own a pet that you get to procure all the pet supplies necessitated. Through the pet supplies, you will be able to enhance comfortableness in your home and your pet shall manage to live in style. There are multiple pet stores like Pet Crates Direct where you can procure the necessitated supplies. Keenness is necessitated in identifying the right pet supplies store that you will be dealing with. This article pinpoints some fundamental tips that will enable you identify the right pet supplies and eventually procure them.

To begin with, you are supposed to research about all the supplies and equipment that your pet needs. There are so many people who are overlooking this factor by forgetting its integral role in buying pet supplies. The best platform to research about the pet supplies that you need is the internet or rather the search engines. During your research, make a point of jotting down these supplies and have them classified in primary and secondary categories. For instance small crates are fundamentally necessitated hence the need to have them classified as primary.

The second fundamental thing to consider is the budget that you have. When it comes to budgeting, you will surely benefit as the budget you develop has the potentials of keeping your finances intact. There is need to have a clear depiction and acknowledgement of your finances and identify the right segment for your pet supplies. There is an imminent danger where you don’t budget as you might end up impulse buying which is overly costly. Therefore, you need to examine the cost averages for the supplies that you need and use the figures to generate a budget. Remember, there are supplies that you can procure at a later day. There is also need to understand that different brands and sizes are priced differently depending on their sophistication. It is wise to ensure that your budget is in harmony with your financial capabilities.

The last but not the least, you are supposed to scrutinize the best pet supplies store. Reputation helps determine whether other clients rely on their products and services or they aren’t. Online reviews play an integral role of affirming whether the store is reputed and reliable. At the same time, you will be in a position to garner other pet owners’ experiences which will enable you make an informed and wise decisions. Settle for as pet store that deals with all the required supplies. Additionally, ensure to examine their prices.

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How to Identify the Perfect Cannabis Industry Accountant

Operating a cannabis shop requires that you have proper guidance from the different professionals so that your business can run effectively. Working with cannabis industry accountant can be one of the right decision to ensure that your business is running appropriately. The following are the top guidelines to work with to ensure that you get the right cannabis professionals.

Verifying about the capability of the accountant ensures that you know if you’re hiring a CPA, a bookkeeper or professional Enrolled Agent. Most of the CPA holders are able to conduct their own opinion and verify the different statements which can be used by potential investors and banks. Considering to hire the bookkeeper and Enrolled agents ensures that they can file your tax returns and other government filings and also represent the information used for financial reporting.

Checking the hours of operation of the accountant can ensure that you choose one who will have sufficient time to run your business. Some of the jobs that will be spearheaded by the accountant will be under a specific timeframe, and they should confirm that they are available. Working with an accountant who calls you back shows that they can be trusted and not slow on the submission of the returns.

Cannabis industry is always under tight policies, and the accountant should be able to follow all the rules without making any illegal transactions. It is important to know that when you are in the cannabis business, you need to follow all the rules and avoid misinterpretation of statements or the tax returns. Working with skilled accountant ensures that you are protected against any malpractices in accounting.

Most of the professional service providers such as the accountant needs to have a pipeline of accountants so that you can get quick recommendations. Any account that you are hiring should not have a financial interest in your business and know how to work with other professionals. Before you hire an accountant you should ensure that they are well-informed when it comes to evaluating financial opportunities, budgeting and reducing the costs of expenses.

The latest discovery in the accounting software can make your work to be faster, and the accounting firm should have the most updated systems. You should hire your account based on their skills, knowledge and the effectiveness of the software that they use.

Working with the right accountants ensures that you are able to meet most of your financial goals. With multiple accountants available, you should consider those who are cannabis oriented to ensure that they use the best models to be compliant.

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3 Rails Tips from Someone With Experience

Protect Your Employees with Roof Fall Protection Systems

It is very dangerous to work at heights. If you are an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your employees have the best safety equipment and the correct height safety training. In all kinds of industries, it is important that there is a fall protection or fall arrest system to ensure the safety of your workers. These industries include construction and building industry, telecommunications industry, the wind turbine industry and a host of others. Roof fall protection is one of the most crucial aspects of working at height safety. Below are some of the safest and cost-effective safety solutions and products.

Employees working on the roof should be assured of their safety by installing roof fall protection systems on your roofs. It is important that your roof fall protection system offers a continuous hands free attachment. This system will allow your workers to work up on the roof freely and with both hands. There are other equipment that will also be helpful in ensuring your workers roof safety and these include roof anchors, horizontal lifelines, and horizontal rail systems. You can easily find all of these products in the market today. However, before purchasing, make sure that you are buying them from a reputable company. Choose a company that can give you a tailored solution to your workers’ needs.

Here are some equipment that can be used for roof fall arrest.

You can benefit from having horizontal rail systems so that your workers will have roof fall arrest and protection. These equipment will not be a distraction to the work your workers are performing and its design also complements the look of modern buildings. Users can attach themselves to the horizontal rail system and this system is easy to integrate into existing buildings. These rail systems will allow your workers to do their work up on the roof hands-free. You can even use these rails for suspended rope access for tasks of inspection and maintenance that are difficult.

You can also install a horizontal cable system on your roof as a roof fall arrest device. They are as flexible as the horizontal rail system and also allow for hands-free operations. Like horizontal rails, they are unobtrusive and can blend into modern buildings and older buildings as well. You don’t compromise your employees’ safety despite being more cost effective than the rail system.

To get the best fall protection systems for your company, you can consult with an expert before buying anything for your own peace of mind.

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