Handle Burnt Odor on Car AC

The burning smell of the car usually occurs in the pacemaker or engine sector. In addition to overheat or overheating, the smell of charred can also be caused by electrical system problems.

But other than that, there is also the cause of burning smell that turned out to be on the air conditioning or air conditioner (AC).

If on the AC experience something like that, then you need not worry. However, it is better the car immediately handled by an expert mechanic.

However, based on the official site of AC Rotary Bintaro bengke, there are also several ways to overcome so as not to happen smelly charcoal on the car air conditioner.

Want to know how, following the tips.

1. Replacing Oil Compressor AC Car
Compressor oil and compressor are two very different components. The burning smell in the cabin is coming from the compressor, but that does not mean the compressor is damaged but the compressor oil.

This means that the compressor oil must be replaced immediately so that the smelly smell on the car air conditioner will slowly disappear.

Changing the compressor oil should not be perfunctory, but must comply with the type and standard of the compressor oil you used before. Never be tempted by the price of cheap compressor oil. Because most “cheap goods” have a “bad” quality.

Better to choose compressor oil that “somewhat” expensive, but quality for the health and care of your car air conditioner.

. Cleaning Evaporator
Evaporator is a car air conditioner components that are familiar in the ear. This evaporator itself serves to channel “cold air” from freon to the cabin of the car.

Can be imagined if the evaporator dirty, the process of air distribution to the car cabin will be hampered so that the atmosphere of the cabin turned into heat. Worse yet, the evaporator may be seized by mold and mildew. So that the air exhaled car air conditioning is no longer fresh air but the air smells rotten.

That’s why cleaning the evaporator regularly is important. Evaporator cleaning steps commonly done in auto repair shops, among others:

– Release the evaporator from the dashboard slowly so as not to damage other components

– Washing the evaporator by brushing all parts of the dust, dirt, mold, and moss

– Let the evaporator clean for a few minutes. Then lift and plug it back into place

3. Changing the Qualified Freon
The most widely used freon in car air conditioners is a tin-shaped freon. Because it is more simple and practical when used. But, not all car repair shops sell freon cars with good quality.

Some AC workshops instead sell freon abal-abal because the price is much cheaper. Whereas Freon abal-abal very bad impact. Not only for the survival of the car air conditioner, but also for your survival because freon abal-abal can cause death.

That’s why quality is always number one. Freon quality works twice as good and provides optimum functionality. It’s just that, quality freons have a more expensive price than the freon abal-abal. But for air conditioner durable, durable, and odorless, freon-quality cars may be the best choice for your car’s air conditioner.

A problematic car air conditioner must be repaired immediately. If the required equipment is adequate, you can repair the car air conditioner at home. But if the damage to the car air conditioner is severe, it is better to be taken to a special car air conditioning workshop just to make the result more effective and efficient.

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