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The electrical installation must be carried out by a competent electrician, and be in Asus 773413 accordance with the Asus 773413 I. The heater is fitted with a length of flexible cable type H05VV-F size 3 x 1.

A means for disconnection in all poles must be provided in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. IMPORTANT - If the heater is installed in a room containing a bath or shower, it must be so installed that switches and other controls cannot be touched by a person using a bath or shower. Do not use outdoors. Do not locate the heater Asus 773413 below a fixed socket outlet or connection box.

Do not cover the heater. Do not place material or garments on the heater, or obstruct the air Asus 773413 around the heater, for instance by curtains or pushing furniture up Asus 773413 the heater, as this could cause overheating and a fire risk. NEVER cover or obstruct in any way the heat outlet slots at the top of the heater or the air inlet slots in the base of the heater. The heater must not be covered.

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Momentary contact with any part of the heater should not cause injury. However, aged or infirm persons or young children should not be left unsupervised in the vicinity of Asus 773413 heater unless a suitable guard is fitted.

This appliance is not intended for use by children Asus 773413 other persons without assistance or supervision if their physical, sensory or mental capabilities prevent them from using it safely. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Note that due care and consideration must be taken when using this heater in series with a thermal control, a program controller, a timer or any other device that switches on the heat automatically, since Asus 773413 fire risk exists when the heater is accidentally covered or displaced. If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer or service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. Wiring Regulations. It should only be operated when in the upright position as shown.


All models are protected to IP24 standard. Models TPR W are fitted with a thermostat only. Models TPR2…. TW are fitted with a thermostat and a 24 hour timer. Before connecting the heater, check that the supply voltage is the same as that stated on Asus 773413 heater. The heater should be positioned observing the minimum clearances stated around the heater - see Fig.

The heater is fitted with an adjustable thermostat enabling the room temperature to be controlled by adjusting the Asus 773413 accordingly. Higher temperature settings range from 1 to 6 max. DO NOT locate Asus 773413 heater immediately below a fixed socket outlet or connection box. Remove wall mounting bracket from the back of the heater by depressing the spring latch at the top of each bracket - see Fig. Fix the wall bracket securely to the wall through the four screw holes provided.


Present the heater to the wall bracket, and engage lower slots in the back with bracket. Raise the heater to its Asus 773413 position and push the heater onto the bracket to engage the top latch. Switch on the heater and turn the thermostat knob to the position corresponding to the required temperature for the room. The heater will then maintain the room temperature at the chosen level, provided that the correct size of heater has been selected for the room to be heated. NOTE - Should your heater fail to come on when the thermostat knob is at a low setting, this may be due to the room temperature being higher than the thermostat setting.

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To open the cover insert the blade of the screwdriver in the small slot and rotate a quarter of a turn clockwise to disengage the latch. The cover may Asus 773413 be hinged back towards the wall for access to the controls.

ASUS 773413 Network Driver

Using the Timer Fig. When ON the product will be controlled by the thermostat. The heater must be connected to the electricity supply for the timer to operate. Set the timer by rotating the dial clockwise until the correct time of day is indicated opposite the datum mark located at centre front of the timer - see Fig. The timer operates but the heater will not output any heat, as the electricity Asus 773413 to the heating elements has been disconnected. Manual OperationSet the timer switch to position.

The heater will now operate continuously under the control of the thermostat - see 'Thermostat Operation' above. The panel will now operate during set 'ON' periods under the control of the thermostat. Using your finger tip or the tip of a pencil, push in as many segments as nec essary a round the di al, according to the times you don't require heat - see Fig. ASUS Network Drivers. INCArar (INC PCI ETHERNET DRIVER GOOD LUCK [email protected]) This site maintains listings of. ASUS Free Driver Download for WindowsXP,NT4, NT, ME, 98SE, 98, 95,Linux, DOS - INCArar Asus 773413.

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