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Top marks for Soyo for supplying Ghost with the Dragon. Some motherboard vendors have had a real struggle with the KT and it just plain underperforms against the AMD chipset in terms of raw performance.

But thinking about it, it's all relative. Considering the applications the average user is likely to run, should such a user be disappointed to see or use the Dragon in their systems?

Soyo's SY-K7V DRAGON Plus motherboard

I don't think so at all. It's a good performing chipset and complements the Athlon and DDR memory very well. For the professional or more demanding Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! who runs sophisticated applications requiring that little bit more memory bandwidth or the gamer who must have top performance at all costs or the user who can't help but have the latest toys, sure, get a or a KTA.


But pairing the KT with any of today's top graphics cards like the GeForce3 and you won't have a slow system by any means if you are playing the latest games. Nothing should stutter or slow down provided you back it up with a decent processor and memory. Thinking about things like this, rather than blindly comparing the chipset to the latest and greatest is missing the point by quite a margin in this reviewer's opinion. I like to push the envelope as much as the next person, but I also appreciate a solid board with good performance and good features and the KT equips a board with the former with Soyo providing the latter with the C-Media and the Promise controller.

More than enough given the requirements of all the busses connected to the bridges. Soyo are utilising this in providing the forth coming KTA version of the Dragon and other manufacturers have done the same. Performance Before we discuss the performance of the Dragon, it should be pointed out that the board suffers the same problems as most, if not all, other KT boards in that the USB controller stops working and is turned off in the BIOS at any front side bus speed greater than MHz. This is a known limitation of the KT family of boards across all manufacturers. While this shouldn't bother normal users who don't overclock their PC's, enthusiasts will be disappointed. Everything expected is in the BIOS including full multiplier and front side bus adjustment Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus!

CPU core voltage adjust without resorting to jumpers.


However, the DDR voltage cannot be adjusted on the Dragon. Again, for normal use, this isn't a problem but overclockers usually find that the memory voltage Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! to be increased slightly from the default of 2. This omission had limited my performance evaluation somewhat.


The stick of Crucial I have here tops out around without extra volts. Both these issues have conspired somewhat to limit the testing of the board. I don't have any non USB mice these days and spending more than an hour or so inside Windows without a mouse becomes a real chore. Add to this the inability to push the board past MHz and even then, without any USB support means for me at least, the Soyo is usable only Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! default speeds.

Stereo rear line-out, center and bass line-out, optical digital input, optical digital output, coaxial digital input, coaxial digital output via included backplane. With all those features, you might think it would be difficult to keep track.

Not to worry, Soyo has made it easy for you; just remember the name of the board. Let's examine this in more Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! With six-channel sound and so many connectors that an extra backplane is required to hold them all, this is no mere standard AC97 solution. Graphics Don't panic, the Dragon Plus doesn't include any marginal on-board graphics chip that most enthusiasts would immediately disable.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus Manuals

AGP Pro cards aren't very common right now, but with the Dragon Plus you're covered if you purchase one in the Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus!. Overclocking The Dragon Plus comes with impressive overclocking features, allowing control of CPU voltage, multiplier and bus speed. We'll definitely explore this feature in more detail later. That makes it easy to remember, doesn't it? Soyo has a real, live design philosophy they've brought to bear here; the DRAGON Plus has many of the things that an enthusiast would add, such as a network interface and decent sound, while skipping out on things that would go unused, such as on-board video. It all looks great in theory, but let's crack the box open and see how the execution holds up.

Unpacking the box Before we even get to unpacking it, let's talk about the box. The thing that struck me first was the depth of it. Soyo's SY-K7V DRAGON Plus motherboard. Fire breathing and Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! laden by Andy Brown — AM on January 8, When you first look at the Soyo Dragon Plus! the 5 purple PCI slots really catch your eyes, but it's the list of features the board offers that makes.

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