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About six years ago, Dan reviewed a D-Link webcam of decidedly average quality, and eventually it fell through to me. That was my first foray into the world of the webcam. As it was a freebie, I put it through the wringer over a number of years - doing some time lapse animations in lieu of actual work, pointing it out the window and letting the Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam burn streaks across its sensor, setting it up to frighten unsuspecting visitors to my Web siteand finally passing it on it to my parents so we could have stuttery video chats interstate. Its successor was a V-gear Maxcamwith USB 2 support and true by resolution Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam match at 25 frames per second.

The V-gear's been my grainy link to the world or rather, the world's grainy link to me for a few years now.

Cyber Snipa Spotter webcam

Like mobile phone cameras, webcams are slowly changing from Special Cameras That Take Fuzzy Out-of-focus Pictures into things that produce I, as the more astute among you will have noticed, am not Dan. Think of me as a minion of sorts. Hopefully this will not unsettle too many people.


Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam If it makes anyone feel more comfortable, I do share a general scruffy, long-haired-ed-ness with Dan. Back to the subject at hand. There are a million and one webcams on the market, and they all still pretty much stink if you want anything resembling high resolution, smooth video.

I bought the V-gear because, at the time, it was one of the few USB 2. Nowadays there are more options - Logitech's higher end cameras are also USB 2.

Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam - web camera

They will, however, set you back a few hundred Australian dollars. It's also got a gimmick.

It comes with a detachable zoom lens. As you can see, it's also got a snazzy-looking tripod base, to complete its rifle-scope-like image.

The box contains the usual driver CD, as well as a little pouch to store the zoom lens in when you're not using it. In true Russian Doll fashion, the pouch in turn contains a tiny lanyard of questionable usefulness for a webcam, but hey, it's free and a yellow cleaning cloth, which, while cut with pinking shears to resemble a proper microfibre cleaning cloth, is just Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam old cheap fabric. The camera itself has a rotating front section for focussing the lens.

Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam - web camera Overview - CNET

This front section also has a Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam, threaded area for attaching the zoom lens assembly. You get about 1. There's a button and red LED on the top of the unit. The LED actually lights up when the camera is being accessed, and switches off when it isn't, which is nice. I've seen plenty of webcams where the light is on all the time; it just means that Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam plugged in and has power. This is good for feeding your guests' paranoia, but for little else. The button on top is the usual "perform an action" jobbie. By default, the first press on it fires up the fabulously unintuitive but still useful " Amcap " program, and subsequent presses capture still images using a thing called "Vmcap".

It then lets you save the captured images in any format you like, as long as it's as a BMP. Tripod The little tripod supplied with the Spotter is probably the least substantial tripod I've ever encountered. This includes the similar-looking cheap and cheerful fellows you can pick up for your pocket-sized digicam. The tripod weighs very little, and has sturdiness to match. That said, its job is to support a webcam, so military grade industrial engineering isn't exactly called for. Neatly enough, the mount on the weeny little tripod is actually Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam standard tripod screw.


Free Download Cyber Snipa Spotter Webcam Driver for Windows 7 (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder). Box Contains.


1 x Snipa Spotter Webcam; 1 x 7 to times Zoom Lens; 1 x Tripod; 1 x Instruction Manual; 1 x Installation CD.

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