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I purchased my copy at gamestop, i'm going to call them tomorrow, and see what they will do, I am sick of this, no support, can't play the game. So clearly Fleet and Waarzones 2 seprate issues!

But probably effected by a common denominator. But my point isfrom what I hear this was not an issue till late beta so they should backtrack then scrutinise patches since then. It looks more like they are adding a 50 bracket and fixing chat issues. Most of the patcches have done nothing as it is, the CD patch for example made things worst and the Dell Inspiron 560s PLDS DH-6E2S leak" patch did nothing at all to the memory leak. They bound to have a snapshot before that patch. They could fix it with 1 download. Then try to figure out what they did wrong on test server! All Dell Inspiron 560s PLDS DH-6E2S can do is make use of it's functions, thier code is at fault, unless they make use of faulty function.

That is true, but then they would have to roll back all the fixes they have made as well, because each is attached to the live client files. It should have been done before release during early access to prevent that, but it was not, instead they are sorting through hundreds of thousands of line of code trying to see which ones are doing it.

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I doub t they can Dell Inspiron 560s PLDS DH-6E2S up engine as will be black box to them. They have the rights to the engine so they can "tweak" it all they want, its not a black box where you have no idea whats in it or how it works. Less people the better for me! This game has been out less than a month and you expect miracles.

Dell Inspiron s - S/N Lookup

Hell in Anarchy Onlines release I couldnt even freaking move for like 5 days. You guys make my brain hurt.

Where you seeing this" it all they want, its not a black box where you have no idea whats in it or how to use it. But what is to stop them just making us all; donload the 20 MB snapshot before problems occured then scrutinising the patches? Oh I see what your thinking, no, that wont work, the issue is server side, while the file you are mentioning is client side, so it may seem 20mb to us, for Dell Inspiron 560s PLDS DH-6E2S it could be several gigs of data.


They probably figure it would take the same amount of time either way, and if they rolled back they would lose even more people because all the fixes they made would be removed and people would get pissed. I kind of agree. I don't think that people should purchase MMOs on release if they don't have the patience to let the devs work on fixes. And where is AO?

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BTW there are people who have been stuck for days on this game as well: But then they will backup servers before any server patch so both servers and clients can be restored. Depeneds whether they think patches solve more than they broke, and which is worth more. They may still be looking for what exactly happened and after they figure that out they may do it, but I doubt they even know what happened at his point as they are still blaming peoples computers. D Oh AO is long dead. Thats just an example of a horrible release on a MMO. There are many other examples Dell Inspiron 560s PLDS DH-6E2S are still running strong. Wow retail release was plagued with problems as well. This release has gone much smoother in comparison. It all depends on how important they think problem is.

End of free months might change priorities if thread is anything to go by. WoW was lucky, at the time there was not alot of MMO's to compete against and warcraft was still nostalgic, if they released vanilla WoW in todays market it would crash and burn.

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