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Or Continue Reading Below Design The PWM is a tank, a beautiful, beautiful tank.

The 13 pound, That's as thick as 6. Once we got over its sheer girth, we had time to appreciate the PWM's unconventional beauty. The lid features two black brushed aluminum panels separated by a glossy vertical black Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad strip in the center; this highly reflective strip livens up the notebook. As an additional embellishment, the lid's perimeter is lined with glossy black plastic. Our one gripe with the design is the ease with which the notebook's surface picks up fingerprints. However, we're still fans of the Alienware's soft-touch finish and its graceful lines.

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The notebook's interior is also visually appealing. We liked the glossy touch panel at the top of the deck as well as the two-toned speakers surrounding them.

The thick plastic hinges were nice and sturdy. The keyboard is rather large and features blue backlighting; it would have been nice if we could customize the lighting similar to the Alienware M18x R2. The keyboard sits between a pair of Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad featuring an ornamental old-school punch card design along the sides. The right panel also houses the chrome-lined power button. A black brushed aluminum palm rest rounds out the interior along with the chrome-lined touchpad. If you have the upper-arm strength to lift this beast, you'll see four huge fan ports along the bottom of the notebook. Don't like the all-black look? Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad You'll get sharp detail from the PWM's Measuring a lackluster lux on our light meter, normally vibrant vistas on this panel looked dim and overcast.

The notebook's display is much dimmer than the lux desktop replacement average.

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The Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad Nomad 17 notched lux while the M18x R2 delivered a brilliant lux. The dimness cast a pall over the p "Oblivion" trailer, making what should have been a vibrant blue sky and a lush green meadow look ashy. However, we were able to see individual blades of grass that Tom Cruise was lying in, as well as his beard stubble. The normally vibrant world look faded, particularly the bright blue sky and the flashes of gunfire during our battles.

Clevo owners, do you have the Synaptics Settings/icon?

The bright magentas and golds of the nightclub bard looked rather muted. Still, we could see individual strands of Payne's hair as he Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad, rolled and charged from one gunfight to the next. As we played through "Max Payne 3," the sound barely filled a large room.

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Gun battles sounded as if they were happening in the next room instead of right in front of us. Payne's inner monologue sounded flat, as did the other character's audio.


We also found ourselves having to lean in to hear some of Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad subtle nuances of the track such as triangles and cymbals. Keyboard and Touchpad The PWM's traditional keyboard, which has a full number pad, provided firm, springy feedback. The black matte keys are slightly tiered, which creates a nice amount of space.

The ethereal blue backlighting is bright Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad to be used in dim lighting situations. On the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, we matched our 55 words per minute with 1 percent error rate average.

Our only real gripe with the keyboard is the undersized Right Shift key. We would have gladly gone without the direction keys for a larger key. It was easy to execute Windows 8 gestures on the gritty touchpad, but multitouch gestures such as two-finger Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad, pinch-zoom and three-finger flick were inconsistent.

AvaDirect P570WM Review

Feedback on the discrete mouse buttons was strong and accompanied by a satisfying click. The fingerprint reader in between the mouse buttons was large, but didn't disrupt our regular touchpad usage.

Heat When we watched 15 minutes of "Indie Game: Free Download Clevo Clevo P570WM Synaptics Touchpad Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 8 (Keyboard & Mouse). I remember when I had my PDM3, there was no Synaptics icon in the taskbar and no setting as well I had to change the touchpad settings  MSI Drivers Team - Atrocious.

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