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Additional Info and Updates Introduction Shopping for a new processor and motherboard can be confusing. Some of the most important terms and concepts regarding system performance are also the hardest to understand. In this article I will walk you through some of these important concepts so that you can make a more informed decision when upgrading your current system or building a new one.

Asus CM5570 Desktop NVIDIA G100 VGA Go to Top Part One: Inside the computer itself, this information travels in the form of signals over what is known as a bus. You can think of a bus as a road and the signals as cars. A wide road bus can support more cars signalsand a smaller road bus supports less. The cars signals on the road bus have a speed limit the bus speed. Although a speed limit can be broken an overclocked bus doing so can have adverse effects on the cars signals. Going along with this analogy: A computer is like a small city.

You do not have just one road, but instead you have several different roads with different names and speeds. There are three main buses in most computers: If you go higher than that, then cards, drives, and other devices can have problems. The exception to this is found in servers. In some servers you have a special bit extra wide 66MHz PCI slots that can accept special high-speed cards. Think of this as a double sized passing lane on a major Asus CM5570 Desktop NVIDIA G100 VGA that allows higher cars to go through.


Only one device can be hooked to the AGP bus as it only supports one video card so the speed is better compared to the PCI bus, which has many devices on it at once. The faster the FSB is, the faster you can get data to your processor. The faster you get data to the processor, the faster your processor can do work on it.

The speed of the front side bus depends on the processor and motherboard chipset you are using as well as the system clock. Read on for more information about the Front Side Bus later in this article.

Go to Top Part Two: The System Clock The system clock is the actual speed of your FSB without any enhancements such as double pumping, or quad pumping on it. The system clock is also sometimes just called the bus speed. In most systems PCI dividers are set automatically and you can not alter them, however, in newer motherboards geared towards computer enthusiasts — PCI dividers can sometimes be manually set in order to allow you to raise the System clock higher then its normal rate. The three most common Asus CM5570 Desktop NVIDIA G100 VGA built in to motherboards are: An often-misunderstood property of the system clock is its effect on processor speed. If you take the multiplier of the processor and multiply it by the system clock speed you get the speed of your processor.

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Your system clock is another matter. It can be set on your motherboard by using BIOS or a set of switches on the board itself. This is very important.


Most motherboards do not automatically set the system clock for you when you install a new processor. We often get reports from new system builders saying that they received the wrong speed processor when in actuality; the new builder forgot to set the system clock to the right speed for their processor. For a list of standard system clock speeds please see part IV of this article. Go to Top Part Three: A cycle is easily represented by Asus CM5570 Desktop NVIDIA G100 VGA sine wave.

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A clock cycle is how long it takes to go from 1 to 0 from the peek of the wave to the bottom of it. So how does that affect your system? Your processor and memory all can be affected by various enhancements to speed.

To understand this you first must look back at the old way of doing things: For these types of systems standard SDRAM made a lot of sense because the memory and the processor both were able to transmit at the same time and the bus speed could be synchronized. With a double pumped bus the processor could send and receive a signal from the memory sub system twice a cycle.

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What was created is what is Asus CM5570 Desktop NVIDIA G100 VGA as a bottleneck — or an obstacle to maximum performance. Removing the bottleneck required a new and faster type of memory and the memory that filled this gap was DDR memory or Double Data Rate memory. DDR memory can transmit twice a cycle just like the double pumped bus on an Athlon processor, which means that using it with an Athlon processor creates an optimized situation just like you had before with the traditional system. Free download, review of Asus CM Desktop NVIDIA G VGA Driver (NVIDIA Corporation).

Graphics Controller * Type Integrated. Asus - Essentio Desktop with Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor .

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route HDMI from the PC to your monitor. because by default the Nvidia only has provision for VGA and DVI. THe NVIDIA g is a decent card and can play most games fine.

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