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Recently became the owner of this console.

Like many similar android consoles, it was necessary to bring to mind. Pros and cons of this firmware High quality video. The fact is that in native stitching Android 5. Interlacing is seen iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player Android 5. Normal playback of HD channels.

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The presence of the control panel and curtains Android 4. Deep sleep mode, with disconnection of usb ports and peripherals. There are no spontaneous inclusions iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player the movement of the mouse, etc. The prefix heats up noticeably less. There is no H support.

If there iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player is, then write in kammenty. There is no built-in root but can be obtained by KingRoot v. Incorrect display of time after resuming from sleep mode - but this is solved by time synchronization programs. Remote control in TeamViewer does not work correctly, you can control only the keyboard. Also inserted a download animation from IconBIT. KODI in the iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player has ceased to be installed. The latest working version Firmware screenshots You can download the archive with firmware and drivers via the link. Instructions for installing firmware The firmware procedure is always a risk and the device may be out of order.


It is worthwhile to understand that no one except you is responsible for what you are doing! It is recommended to flash in Windows 7, but also in Windows 10 it is also possible if you create a separate user administrator in Windows You will also need a paper clip not a toothpick!

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The fact is that the hole diameter is exactly in the diameter of the paper clip, and the Reset button is at some depth, so you can get a sad experience with a toothpick. It is necessary to bend the paperclip approximately into such a shape. In the path along which the contents of the archive are located, there should not be any Cyrillic characters. It is even better to transfer everything to the folder in the root of drive C. Next, without closing the program, we connect one end of the USB cable to the computer, iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player disconnect all foreign devices from the console, including the power supply.

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Now install the prefix in front of you and press the Reset button with a paper clip. IconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player button can be located at some offset relative to the hole, it is necessary to grope it in advance.

There were also cases when the button fell inside, which indicates its poor attachment, so you need to push it very carefully! Holding the Reset button until it clicks, connect the other end of the cable to the USB port of the console - the one closest to the Ethernet port.

Now the reset button can be released. If the console goes into working mode and the indicator lights up in blue, then try restarting the PC. If everything is fine, press the "EarseFlash" button. Do not turn off the console during firmware! And it is very desirable that the PC is connected to uninterrupted power. If the bootloader gets messed up, it will be impossible to restore the set-top box on your own! Now we are waiting for the firmware to load onto the device and the checksum verification will end. At the end of the firmware, the prefix will reboot itself and the indicator will turn blue. Next, you need to wait 3 - 5 minutes to complete the first download and then you can disconnect the console from the PC. This completes the firmware. The popularity of multimedia players among users is gradually growing, because everyone wants to enjoy movies and TV shows in the maximum quality. When choosing such a media player, many stop on the iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player from iconBIT due to the good ratio of quality, price and functionality.

However, this device, like any electronics, does not bypass the various system problems that can often be solved by a simple flashing.

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In this article we will look at how to flash or flush the iconBIT media player. To rewrite the multimedia player iconBIT, first of all iconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player need to download the firmware itself on the Internet and transfer it to the USB flash drive.


Once this is done, you can proceed. Turn off the power of your media player and with the recorded firmware in the appropriate USB-connector. After that, connect the power back. Free Download iconBIT XDSDUO Media Player Firmware r (DVD / Blu-Ray / Media Players). Name · Last modified · Size · [DIR] · Parent Directory. [ ] · xfw_XDSDUO_vr_, MayIconBIT XDS200DUO Media Player.

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