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The differences between Credo and Aptus II: Aptus II has only FW interface.


Aptus uses a proprietary L shaped FW connector, while Credo uses a straight regular connector. Thick head connectors will not fit into either backs.

Ricoh Aficio MP 2500SPF Multifunction B & W RPCSMamiya Leaf 645DF+ Overview
Brother MFC-J630W LANMamiya Leaf Credo

Credo uses standard USB3 type B connector and standard cables may be used. Officially only 3 meter USB3 cables are supported, but 5 and 7. FW cables in Credo and Aptus are supported up to 10 meters. Credo uses an internal battery, and Aptus uses an external battery. Credo can't operate without a charged battery inside it.

When Aptus is tethered it can work only without battery, as the battery port and cable port are overlapping. It is possible to use low powered Windows tablets to tether Credo, while Aptus generally requires tethering to a laptop which has a FW port that is powered from AC. Aptus Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back load a double capacity and size battery, which Credo can't, since the battery goes into a slot in the Credo body.

One interesting note is the color of the outer casing for the digital back. Up until recently, all digital backs had LCD screens that were just terrible and with focus being much more critical in the DMF realm, that Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back would not do. This is minor compared to build quality, but when you are investing heavily into a system, one would like to have a well designed user interface.

Mamiya Leaf Credo 80MP Digital back + Mamiya F + Medium Format DSLR eBay

Phase One systems are the standard for build quality. The new Credo design resembles that of the Phase One IQ backs with Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back high resolution touchscreen and weather resistant construction ports are sealed, I cannot say it is weather proof. Granted, I have not dumped water or blown sand onto it, but the overall weight and feel of it makes it seem like it can take quite a few bumps.

I already had my sights Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back either a Phase One or Mamiya Leaf digital back given their build quality. Given the desire for a high resolution and budget constraints, my choices were nailed down to either the IQ or the Credo Both are 40 MP backs with the same exact sensor. There were only a few differences and I will briefly outline them below: Focus Mask Phase Only: The Focus Mask tool is a viewing mode that allows the user to quickly check which part of the image is in focus by highlighting those areas with a specified color.

This is great if you need to be working quickly.

Mamiya Leaf announce Leaf Credo 80MP, 60MP and 40MP digital backs

Each brand carries its own set of color profiles, which determine how colors are rendered. Mamiya Leaf has always been known for their skin tone friendly profiles. Although there are a number of specs and features listed for each product, one of the more overlooked items is the handling of files by the digital back.

Luckily, a company by the name of Capture Integration Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back a nice blog post allowing folks to compare files from a Phase and Leaf Back. This step is extremely important and I think every photographer should go through their own editing process with each file and determine what the best fit is. The Leaf back has one giant touchscreen interface while the Phase has a touchscreen with the addition of four hard buttons. Without being able to test drive either system, I took a blind leap and after having played around for bit, I am definitely pleased with the Leaf build.


The Leaf backs have touch-sensitive sidebars on the side of the screen in between the soft-touch buttons. The absence of hard buttons is not an issue for me.

Top Ten things to know about the Leaf Credo 50

Having a full touchscreen interface feels very natural to me. The Leaf back is everything I hoped for in terms of build quality. What is unique about the new display?

The Mamiya Leaf Credo Digital Back extends beyond the LCD area, allowing for additional functionality and space for tools. All Leaf Credo digital backs deliver exciting new features including a ” high resolution (MP), bright touch LCD with a viewing angle of ° to elegantly. The Leaf Credo 80MP Digital Back Kit with DF Medium Format DSLR and 80mm f/ LS D Lens from Mamiya Leaf combines the flagship 80MP Leaf Credo.

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