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A further distinguishing aspect of a micro-firm is that a lawyer practicing in this setting typically possesses many years of high level law firm or corporate practice IP experience. Such level of experience generally means that she will possess a skill set more appropriate to address the IP legal Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD needs of clients seeking to maximize corporate IP asset value than that of a lawyer who has practiced primarily in a small firm or solo setting. Accordingly, the corporate Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD manager who hires a micro-firm lawyer should expect to obtain IP legal services at a quality comparable to the best IP law firms at a significantly lower overall cost. Put simply, although the micro-firm lawyer no longer works in a well-appointed office fully supported by competent administrative staff, she nonetheless still provides high quality legal services, albeit in less glamorous surroundings where she likely must sharpen her own pencils.

Admittedly, the micro-firm concept is not a solution for all corporate clients needing IP legal services.


Because the micro-firm lawyer endeavors to keep overhead low, she likely will not provide docketing services and may also not desire to provide IP filing and management services for clients. For a corporate client that maintains its own in-house IP infrastructure, these limitations should matter little, however.

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If a corporate IP manager employs competent docketing and administrative staff, there really is no need for his organization to carry the overhead costs associated with his outside IP lawyers also maintaining a comparable infrastructure. In other words, if a corporate IP manager believes that his IP administrative staff members are doing their jobs correctly, the redundancy afforded by hiring a IP lawyer who maintains the same infrastructure is likely a waste of money. But, if the corporate IP manager feels that he must rely on his outside IP counsel for administrative back-up, he might want to examine whether he has the right people staffing his internal IP infrastructure. Of course, her work product does not differ from that she prepared at the law firm. To the contrary, her work product quality, as well as her responsiveness to clients, is likely greater today because she is not subject to the pressures of client development and law firm management that caused her much consternation while in private practice.

A difference in my acquaintance's practice and that of a traditional law firm is that she does not handle docketing matters for her clients. She prepares high quality patent applications and handles other patent matters and then passes off her work product to her clients Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD docketing, filing and managing using their own corporate staff. My acquaintance makes a good living from this "micro-firm' model, and instead of having to take clients to dinner in the Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD, she is home when her kids get home from school in the afternoons. Corporate IP managers may wonder how they might identify well-qualified lawyers working in the micro-firm model.

Sony Vaio VPCEC22FXBI Hitachi ODD Firmware

Social media products such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook operate as innovative resources in this regard. Internet IP job boards also now increasingly feature ads for virtual and part-time IP lawyers to provide legal services directly to corporations. Also, corporate IP managers should also not be reticent about asking their existing IP legal services providers for recommendations. Surely they would rather a corporate client outsource work Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD a piecemeal basis to a business friend, as opposed to losing a corporate client wholly to another law firm. Most experienced firm lawyers know one or more IP lawyers who became weary of the pressures of law firm practice, but who still wish to practice law, although likely in more low-key manner.


And, with the increasingly frequent closure of previously storied law firms as a result of the current economic downturn, it is likely that significantly more highly experienced IP lawyers will become available as outsourcing resources for savvy corporate IP managers. The micro-firm concept clearly is a new way to Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD IP legal services to clients. Many who work within the traditional law firm model will no doubt find many reasons why the law firm legal service model is superior to a lawyer working at home in her pajamas.

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Free download: Sony Vaio VPCEG15FX Intel Wireless Driver for Windows 7 bit

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If you want to find out more about H Miracle and hemorrhoid will not be as big or painful hemorrhoids that and stopping it with regular and excessive abdominal pressure that causes external hemroids causes our body. This Sony Vaio VPCEH15FX Hitachi ODD updates the Hitachi DVD-RAM GT30N Firmware to version KS06 to reduce the speed of rotation of the optical drive to improve audio. This utility updates the Hitachi DVD-RAM GT30N Firmware to version KS06 to reduce the speed of rotation of the optical drive to improve audio CD playback.

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