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Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software for this board.

The system should automatically run Acces LPCI-COM-4SM install program. JJ, click OK or press. LINUX 1. Please refer to linux. COM boards can be installed in virtually any operating system. We do support installation in earlier versions of Windows, and are very likely to support future versions as well. Please follow all reasonable precautions to prevent a static discharge such as grounding yourself by touching any grounded surface prior to touching the card. Do not install card into the computer until the software has been fully installed. Remove the computer cover. Carefully install the card in an available 5V or 3.

Inspect for proper fit of the card and tighten screws. Make sure that the card mounting bracket is properly screwed into place and that there is a positive chassis ground. Replace Acces LPCI-COM-4SM computer cover and turn ON the computer. Save the option and continue booting the system. Most computers should auto-detect the card depending on the operating system and automatically finish installing the drivers. Run PCIfind.

  • LPCI-COM-4SM - 4 port universal low profile PCI bus RS// serial board
  • Acces I/O PCI 4-port Low Profile Serial Card

Run one of the provided sample programs that was copied to the newly created card directory from the CD to test and validate your installation. The base Acces LPCI-COM-4SM assigned by BIOS or the operating system can change each time new hardware is installed into or removed from the computer.

Software you write can Acces LPCI-COM-4SM determine the base address of the card using a variety of methods depending on the operating system. SYS during boot-up to determine this same information. Option Selection To help you locate the jumpers described in this section, refer to the Option Selection Map at Acces LPCI-COM-4SM end of this section. Operation of the serial communications section is determined by jumper installation as described in the following paragraphs.


For the convenience of the user, instructions for the placement of the jumpers is also silk screened on the back of the card. Terminations A transmission line should be terminated at the receiving end in its characteristic impedance. Jumpers having to do with the termination of each channel are located near the output connector. They are labeled by channel. The other two jumpers are used to connect the transmit Acces LPCI-COM-4SM receive lines for the two wire RS mode.

Serial Communication Board Tagged "acces-i-o" - ITM Components

Simplified Termination Schematic In RS operations where there are multiple terminals, only the RS ports at each end of the network should have terminating impedance as described above. If Acces LPCI-COM-4SM card is not to provide that bias, contact the factory technical support. When a jumper is not placed on the out the CLK X8 position, the baud rate range is up tobaud. When it is in the CLK X8 position, the baud rate range is up tobaud. The Microsoft serial driver can be used to control many dumb multiport serial cards.

Dumb indicates that the control includes no on-board processor. For descriptions and ranges for these values, see Regentry. LPCI-COM-4SM The LPCI-COM Series are eight or four-port asynchronous serial The LPCI line has been designed for use in retail, hospitality, postal. Acces LPCI-COM-4SM

Details. Acces I/O 4-port, low profile, field selectable RS// card with breakout cable. MPN: LPCI-COM-4SM. Details. Back.


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