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Touchscreen but no tablet mode by Jerry Jackson Almost every school around the globe is looking for a durable, ultraportable laptop that can survive use and abuse in the classroom, and Dell promises they have the perfect solution in the form of the new Latitude netbook.

The first Latitude netbook offers a low-cost answer to the specific needs of K students, teachers and school administrators. We spent a few weeks testing the Latitude to see if it indeed is the perfect classroom companion.

Dell Latitude Specifications: Intel Atom N 1. Dell claims its designers worked closely with hundreds of students, teachers, parents and administrators to create an education netbook that focuses on helping students learn.

The rugged, rubber-coated exterior, antimicrobial keyboard, and optional solid state drives should survive everything from a messy kindergartner to an accidental drop off the desk by a teacher. Dell even found a way to help teachers make sure students are paying attention in class. A Network Activity Light on the top edge of the lid helps teachers monitor network use and identify students who may be surfing the Internet. Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN light stays constantly lit when the netbook is on and a web browser is closed, but the light Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN flashing if a student opens a web browser or chat application … so teachers can instantly see who needs to spend some extra time in detention.


Dell actually wants you to pay attention to your teacher. Build quality is quite good thanks to thick plastic construction and the thick rubber armor covering the top and bottom of the chassis. The matte black plastics used around the screen, keyboard, and palmrests show only minimal flex under heavy pressure. You can create ripples across the screen by pressing on the back of the screen lid, but other than that the Latitude feels rock solid. The keyboard is very firm and the screen hinges provide excellent tension.

Sure, the design is thick and heavy for Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN netbook, but this bad boy will survive abuse that would probably break other netbooks. The bottom of the netbook chassis shows a clean design with no easy access panels. If the school IT manager wants to upgrade the RAM or hard drive they will have to remove the entire bottom of the netbook.

Intel Atom N Notebook Processor - Tech

Screen and Speakers The Dell Latitude uses a nice and bright Our review unit includes the optional touchscreen which has a semi-gloss surface similar to the screens used Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN most dedicated GPS devices. Vertical viewing angles are average, with obvious color inversion when viewing from below and some over-exposed colors when viewed from above. Horizontal viewing angles are okay but colors start to shift at wide viewing angles possibly a result of the touchscreen layer. The screen might not look special compared to every other inch netbook on the market, but the optional touchscreen is a first for an Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN netbook and makes the Latitude something new for enhanced student interaction and easier special education teaching.

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The resistive touchscreen provides good accuracy, but the limited resolution of the inch screen makes it a bit difficult for large fingers to move the cursor to small icons or specific lines of text on the screen. The built-in stereo speakers are located on both sides of the screen and are in the perfect position to direct sound toward the user. That said, audio quality is rather average with good highs but very little bass. On the bright side, the audio output from the headphone jack is good when paired with earphones or a good set of external speakers. Keyboard and Touchpad The uses a new keyboard that feels like a strange hybrid of Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN keyboard on the Dell Mini 10 netbook and the keyboards on the older D-series Latitudes.

The antimicrobial keyboard surface features a nice textured finish that makes typing easy and enjoyable.

Dell Latitude 2100 Review

The key size and spacing might be a little small for adult hands, but younger students should have no problems typing school papers or emails to teachers on this keyboard. The keyboard is nice and firm with zero flex.

Dell was kind enough to include dedicated volume up, volume down, and Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN buttons so students and teachers can easily adjust the volume for webcasts or video presentations. Still, I feel like the touchpad could have been larger if Dell moved the volume and power buttons up and shifted the position of the keyboard up just a little. Despite the small size the matte touchpad texture feels fine and offers good sensitivity and smooth movement.

Intel Atom N2600

The touchpad buttons have relatively deep feedback with cushioned clicks. Neo Tablet T Intel Core 2 Duo T Processor, Gb Hard Drive, DVD-RW Dual Drive, Wireless LAN, Intel Pro Wireless ABG wireless LAN. Neo Basic B/Empriva NVP2i Intel WLAN Neo Tablet T2100 Intel LAN 3, Neo Tablet T Intel LAN Driver for XP. 1,


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