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It features with 7'' high resolution screen and strong processors of Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet Core A7 CPU providing access to the web for news, weather, or local business info; downloading thousands of Apps from the Android Play Store to tap your need, such as games, favorite movie clips, music, and YouTube videos. With built-in bluetooth you can connect to Bluetooth speaker system and earphone to listen to music, or connect to a bluetooth keyboard for easy typing, and send files to another tablet or mobile phone with bluetooth function. The GPS feature is another plus that helps with the road navigation. With memory of 8GB, you may store plenty of pictures, movies, and documents. To avoid the device short trouble, corrosion fault and electric short.

Please prevent the device, battery and charger from water and moisture, and don t operate the device or charger by wet hand. To avoid failure of device, battery and charger, please prevent the device, battery, charger from violent shock or shake. To avoid failure of device, battery and charger, please prevent the device, battery, charger of all over heating or too cold circumstance. For further details, please refer to the safety instructions and announcement. Never use Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet MID when driving car, in order to ensure safe driving. In the medical area, please abide by related rules and regulations.


Please shut down the MID when it is near to the medical area. To avoid the wireless signal to interrupt the Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet controlled signal, please shut down the MID or using airplane mode when you are boarding a flight. To avoid electronic equipment failure, please shut down the MID in the vicinage of high-accuracy electronic equipments. Please don t disassemble the MID and accessories. Only authorized agent has access to service the MID.


Please keep the Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet far away from magnetic equipments, the radiation of MID may erase the data stored in the magnetic equipments. Never use the MID in the vicinage of high temperature, inflammable gas gas station Protect the MID and accessories from kids reach scope, and avoid the kids to use the MID without parents supervision. Please comply with related rules and regulations, and respect others privacy and legal rights while using the MID.

During the operation, you can click and drag items on the touch panel. Press and hold the power button, the Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet will enter the main interface. In the main menu interface, press the power button for about 5 seconds to power off, the system will appear "power off" option, click ok and you can safely power off.

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Press power button to lock screen or unlock screen. When the power ran out, the system will power off automatically. External micro SD card.

7" SupraPad Phone Tablet TPC - PDF

You can use it to connect the computer for data transmission, charging, or use the USB charger to charge. Unless it s unable to power off by normal procedure, otherwise don t use the reset option. Below items are included in your tablet package: Apply the power adptor to charge for MID. Don t pull out the adaptor while charging. Choose the menu you need, and confirm the information. Then you can close the reminder window through Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet the column to slide up. Please refer to below status icons: When WIFI is open, you can open the reminder board to view the detailed information. Open the reminder board When the reminder column shows new reminder icon, please hold the column and slip down your finger, then the reminder board is opened. Quick Start Guide 3.

IVIEW SupraPad 920TPC User Manual

Increase the volume Decrease the volume Click it in anyinterface will return to main interface. Back button back Menu button Display recently-used application Click it in any interface will return to previous menu This button will display in menu interface. The system enters into screen lock status, please unlock it. Shut down window contains options: Power off, Reboot, Airplane mode, profiles. Then click Power off. Screen will be closed on its own if no operation is taking place for some to save battery power. The screen will be locked open it, it will show the picture as below picture, left slide to unlock and Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet into camera, right slide the unlock icon to unlock the screen.


Press on If you want to open some item textbox or the link in the webpageor shortcut and main procedure move, you can press on this item. Pull Before you Iview Suprapad 920 TPC Tablet, you need to hold the it with strenghth until you pull it into the position you want. Rotate For most pictures, you only need to rotate the MID sidewise to change the screen direction from horizoncial to vertical.

Specifications: GMS, Google Certified - Android - 9 "touch screen x high resolution - Capable Device MiraDongle - Memory of 8. Iview Suprapad TPC II Tablet Firmware Android downloads Iview Suprapad TPC Tablet Firmware Android

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