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Page 10 Using the wireless buttonThe computer has a wireless button, one or more wireless HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem, and one or two wireless lights,depending on the model. All of the wireless devices on your computer are enabled at the factory, so thewireless light is on blue when you turn on the computer. The wireless light indicates the overall power state of your wireless devices, not the status of individualdevices.

If the wireless light is blue, at least one wireless device is on. Page 11 Using Wireless Assistant software select models only A wireless device can be turned on or off using the Wireless Assistant software. If a wireless device isdisabled by the Setup Utility, it must be reenabled by the Setup Utility before it can be turned on or offusing Wireless Assistant. Enabling or turning on a wireless device does not automatically connect the computer to anetwork or a HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem device. Page 12 Using operating system controlsSome operating systems also offer a way to manage integrated wireless devices and the wirelessconnection. For example, Windows provides the Network and Sharing Center that allows you to set upa connection or network, connect to a network, manage wireless networks, and diagnose and repairconnections.

The terms wireless router and wireless access point are often used interchangeably. Page 15 Protecting your WLANBecause the WLAN standard was designed with only limited security capabilities—basically to foil casualeavesdropping rather than more powerful forms of attack—it is essential to understand that WLANs arevulnerable to well-known and well-documented security weaknesses.


Be sure that the WLAN device is on. If it is on, the wireless light is on.

If the wireless light is off,press the wireless button. On some models, the wireless light is amber when all wireless devices are off. Select your WLAN from the list, and then type the network security key, if required.

Page 17 Roaming to another networkWhen you move your computer within range of another WLAN, Windows attempts to connect to thatnetwork. If the attempt is successful, your computer is automatically connected to the new network. IfWindows does not recognize the new network, follow the same procedure you used initially to connectto your WLAN. Using HP Mobile Broadband requires a network service provider called a mobile network operatorHP G60-458DX Notebook Modem in most HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem is a mobile phone network operator.

HP GDX Notebook PC : Wireless (Select Models Only) - Windows Vista

Coveragefor HP Mobile Broadband is similar to mobile phone voice coverage. To prevent damage to the connectors, use minimal force when inserting a SIM. To insert a SIM: Shut down the computer. If you are not sure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, turn thecomputer on by pressing the HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem button.

Then shut down the computer through the operatingsystem. Disconnect all external devices connected to the computer. Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet. Turn the computer upside down on a flat surface, with the battery bay toward you.

HP G60-458DX Notebook PC - Product Specifications

Page 21 4Using Bluetooth wireless devices select models only A Bluetooth device provides short-range wireless communications that replace the physical cableconnections that traditionally link electronic devices such as the following: When two or more computers are connectedusing Bluetooth, and Internet Connection Sharing ICS is enabled on one of the computers, the othercomputers may not be able to connect to the Internet using the Bluetooth network. Page HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem 5Troubleshooting wireless connectionproblemsSome possible causes for wireless connection problems include the following: Wireless networking devices are included with select computer models only.


Windows includes the User Account Control feature to improve the security of your computer. HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem may be prompted HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem your permission or password for tasks such as installing software, runningutilities, or changing Windows settings. Refer to Help and Support for more information. Windows resets your network device and attempts to reconnect to one of the preferred networks. Page 26 Network status icon is not displayedIf the network status icon is not displayed in the notification area after you configure the WLAN, thesoftware driver is either missing or corrupted.

HP GDX Notebook PC Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

The driver must be reinstalled. You must have the current codes to make a connection on a secure network. The SSID andnetwork key are alphanumeric codes that you enter into your computer to identify your computer to thenetwork. Page HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem WLAN connection is very weakIf the connection is very weak, or if your computer cannot make a connection to a WLAN, minimizeinterference from other devices, as follows:" Diagonal High HP G60-458DX Notebook Modem HP BrightView Display (x). Fax/Modem. High speed 56k modem. Network Card. Integrated 10/ Ethernet LAN. Manuals or user guides for your HP GDX Notebook PC.

Modem and Local Area Network - Windows Vista, MB. Memory Modules - Windows Vista.

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