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Whether you want to store just a few hours of music, or gigabytes of data, MP3 Players give you a stylish solution. Our vision gives you the choice of styles and formats.


For ultimate portability you can choose a Solid State Player. With no moving parts, these MP3 Players give you better reliability and uninterrupted sound quality — no matter how active you are. Blending good looks with a compact and lightweight design, wear these MP3 Players around your neck — a great way to dress to impress!

Portable Entertainment

Higher capacity MP3 Players, suitable for backing up and transferring your data, are all part of the Philips range. This means you can take as much data as you want with you, and still listen to your favorite music on the go. If you love having your data, and your music, at your fingertips, our MP3 Players will not disappoint you. The interface is USB 2. Aside from the improved sound quality and battery life, which will be described below, it dispenses with a superfluous camera of questionable quality and some semi-useful Nano gimmicks and concentrates on the basics of performance and usability. Like the iPods, the S uses a proprietary connector. But the music transfer to the player does not require special software: Recall that iPods require iTunes software. One advantage is the ability to get album and track info from the Internet automatically, including album art.

The album art appear when you select albums or play tracks on the Walkman, which is pretty cool. Another cool feature is video playback and the Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player comes preloaded with a few video clips.

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But Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player I mostly care about music playback, this is of little relevance to me. The player also plays MP3. Ease of Use Although it lacks the iPods' wheel, the use is intuitive and the controls are solid.

: Philips HDD/17 2 GB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner: Home Audio & Theater

Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player The hardware volume control is very handy as well. The colors are vibrant and the screen is bright. I would say the player is as easy to use as virtually any iPod. Sound I have to mention I was prejudiced against Sony before I started using this player. My experience with Sony's products has not always been top-notch.

Unreliability and being overhyped and overpriced were experienced by me firsthand. I still use some of them example: This player is different though. The first thing I noticed after starting to listen to this Walkman with the same headphones that I usually employ is that the player sounds excellent, noticeably better than any Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player I have used and better than other MP3 players I used.


Even without using its enhancement modes, playing the same material Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player it as on my iPod Nano both with equalizers off I noticed that the sound was more transparent, rich-sounding and clear. Then, there are sound enhancement modes that actually improve sound. Usually, digital sound processing makes sound different, not better and sometimes worse. This Sony has 4 enhancements Clear Audio technologies that actually make low-bitrate music sound better.


One of them Dynamic Normalizer improves recordings that have poor dynamic range and frequency response combination. This Sony's sound is very detailed, has well-defined bass, mids and treble and the instrument separation is excellent if you use the highest bit rate possible or, better Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player, lossless WAV. The supplied headphones are surprisingly excellent, which is apparent even before the burn-in.

They are much better than the ones usually supplied with other MP3 players. I will write a separate review of the supplied headphones shortly note: I listened to rock, pop and classical music mostly latter, in lossless linear PCM format. : Philips Philips HDD07717 MP3 Player 2 GB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner: Home Audio Tecsun ICR 4-in-1 Digital Portable AM/FM Radio + MP3 Player +.

Soundtrack your life with the hdd micro audio jukebox on the go. capacity based on 4 minutes per song and 64 kbps WMA or kbps MP3 encoding.

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