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Undergraduate majors at the University of Dayton—which I attended—included mathematics and computer sciences, which in those days were closely linked since Arbor BPC-3220 science had an emphasis on the approaches to analyzing numerical data.


Arbor BPC-3220 enjoyed both mathematics and Arbor BPC-3220 science but also found pleasure in a broad range of other subjects. Whatever I studied, I found myself most interested in how information was generated, how it was accessed, and what people did with it.

Thus, it was reasonably clear to me at graduation Arbor BPC-3220 the University of Dayton that I wanted to work with information but not so clear how to do that. It was my good fortune to find an article about a field called information science and to have the author of that article answer my inquiry about prospects in the field with a long letter of advice. There were, in fact, he said, graduate schools at which I could learn Arbor BPC-3220 information science and a wide variety of jobs available to me after completing my graduate studies. It seemed that I was on track.

Arbor Condo in Riverdale, 3260 Henry Hudson Pkwy

I chose one of the schools that he had recommended, the University of Maryland, and obtained a wonderful education at the School of Library and Information Sciences there. Fast forward to today, and Arbor BPC-3220 is now considerably easier to find information programs at colleges and universities. Most schools of library science have broadened their curricula to be more encompassing of information activities within and outside Arbor BPC-3220 libraries and have changed their titles to library and information science, information science, information studies, or just information.

Other educational programs have emerged that deal with information, especially in schools of computer science, business, communication, and medicine. While computers provided the original stimulus for the emergence of information professions, there has been a gradual evolution of the information professions toward being focused primarily on the information content of computer and other systems, considered, of course, in relation to the people and the technologies Arbor BPC-3220. It is curious to me that, despite the considerable evolution of the field, the term information profession is not in widespread use. As noted above, there are a number of academic programs in this area, but ix their graduates tend to go into a broad range of jobs with more specific job titles.

While the title of this book, Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science, continues the distinction between work in libraries and work elsewhere involving information, the authors acknowledge the many similarities and shared elements between the two disciplines and indicate the extent to which they interact in the everyday life and work of librarians in particular. That said, I believe that it will be a considerable step forward in the evolution of this field when we acknowledge those similarities by using the umbrella term information professions and work together to advance the field.

Marcia Bates, a prominent contributor to both theory and practice in the information world, has described the information professions in several of her publications. Inshe published an excellent article on the subject http: Bates lays out a broad spectrum of information disciplines falling under the general categories of the disciplines of a cultural nature, associated with the arts and humanities, and the sciences of information, associated with the social and natural sciences. She indicates many areas of information professional work, including publishing, various types of librarianship, archival work, information management, database development, and information retrieval.

With this study, she has made a major contribution to defining the information professions and their relationships to one another. As she indicates, there is a wealth of information professions with much Arbor BPC-3220 common, easing the movement of individuals among the related professions. After graduation from the University of Maryland, I joined a statistical consulting firm based in Rockville, Maryland, that had a specialization in library and information studies.

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Over a period of more than a decade, I consulted primarily with federal and state agencies on their information problems. Along the way, I had the opportunity to observe literally hundreds Arbor BPC-3220 organizations involved in information and to gain a sense of how they operated. Around Arbor BPC-3220 pivotal age of 40, I began to feel that it was time for a professional change.

Arbor Condo in Riverdale, 3260 Henry Hudson Pkwy

Here the many organizations and activities I had observed over the years became grist for the mill of determining my next position. I found myself drawn toward academe, where I could at once continue in an intellectually stimulating environment but become part of an organization that I could help move forward. Of course, I wanted to continue to work with information, and Arbor BPC-3220 thought some combination of library and other information work would be ideal. With these specifications, I determined that an academic medical center Arbor BPC-3220 best fit my profile. I am fortunate to have been employed by three stellar academic medical centers, those of Columbia, Yale, and Johns Hopkins Universities, in roles that combined medical librarianship with medical informatics.

The position at Columbia came about through contacts made in my consulting work, especially at the National Library of Medicine, and through my professional networks.


As its current president, I am using the opportunity of leadership to promote the information professions. Nancy Roderer Baltimore, Md.

She Arbor BPC-3220 worked as a consultant, librarian, and medical informatician in Washington, D. Her family includes three grandsons, whom she is encouraging to become information professionals. They are places where people go to conduct research and to learn. The ALA estimates that the number Arbor BPC-3220 people working in libraries may approachThe library workforce includes librarians and other professionals, paraprofessionals, and clerical and technical personnel.


Types of libraries include public libraries, school libraries or school library media centersacademic libraries found in public and private postsecondary institutions of higher educationand special libraries which include corporate, medical, law, religious, governmental, prison, non-for-profit organizations, and many other highly specialized collections. Most librarian positions incorporate three major aspects of library work: Even librarians specializing in one of these areas frequently perform other tasks. Librarians in user services which include reference, circulation, and computer service aid the public in finding information.

Arbor BPC-3220


Librarians in technical services are involved in acquisitions and cataloging, and their work in the acquisition and preparation of library materials seldom leads them into interaction directly with the Arbor BPC-3220. Librarians in administrative posts Arbor BPC-3220 the management and planning of libraries, includ- ing the preparation of budgets and the negotiation of contracts for services, materials, and equipment; supervise library employees; and perform public relations and fundraising duties.

In small libraries or information centers, librarians generally handle all types of jobs, including selection, acquisition, and supervision. In large facilities, librarians typically specialize in a single area such as acquisitions, cataloging, reference, or administration. Increasingly, librarians Arbor BPC-3220 found they can apply their information management and research skills in areas outside libraries, including publishing, the creation of information systems, database development, marketing, and the training of database users. Buy BPC from Arbor with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets, stock, pricing and more for BPC The Arbor BPC Series, Box PC units fill many missions, performing as general use Arbor BPC, Elit, Ares, EPC, and Arpex BOX PCs are easy to install & maintain, and BPC - Intel Socket-P, Core™ Duo/ Core™ 2 Duo BOX PC, Arbor BPC-3220

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